Visitors Programme

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SAGDA visitors programme showcase the action of SAGDA and engages visitors in the Ideas and programme on which we are working. The visitors’ program in a critical element of what we do.

SAGDA is a heart –felt programme and the synergy and passion of our organisation must be witnessed and felt at first hand. The visitors program inspires, motivates, and encourages leaders from prestigious positions to influence decisions that will help improve the life of unemployed graduates in South Africa.

The Visitors Programme consists of the following:


A round table consist of the guest between five and 6 interns, key staff and if possible external partners .the discussion begin with an ice breaker followed by introductions and interns talk about why they feel is important to have SAGDA and the difference they make in their arrears of service and what motivates them to serve in their respective organisations.

Roundtables can range from formal (where interns meet with corporate sponsors, public officials, etc.) to informal (where they meet with potentials applicants, executive staff etc.) Regardless of the setting, the round table is an important tool to share information and ideas of SAGDA with those around us.