SAGDA Training

Training & Development / Recruitment & Placement Programme


The programme aims to develop, mentor, capacitate, produce sustainable and economically active graduates.


The programme in which the students from various Institutions (TVET, Universities) are given a chance to go and do Experiential Work in the companies in order to obtain their respective qualifications. Internship is when the graduates who already have the qualifications will go to the company and do practical work experience to enhance their careers.

Our primary reasons are:

  • Addressing weakness: every graduate is weak at a certain skill and every graduate will not be perfect in their areas of competency.
  • Improving performance: once the graduate acquires the desired skill required for the task to execute, their weakness will turn into their strength and they will get a better understanding of how to execute with better ideas.
  • Fostering growth: the main aim of SAGDA is to get development and growth for the effect it put of the graduates. Growth can be achieved if all the work force of the organisation pays equal attention to development by providing training to the graduates, by so doing, we are providing them with space to learn and grow.
  • Enhancing satisfaction: graduates will feel confident in gaining skills, training helps the graduates to perform tasks easily and, they can also innovate new strategies to improve their lives. This builds some level of satisfaction in graduates.

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One weeklong internal training is a great and important week for our interns just before they are officially placed to an internship program. This week is a moment of setting a “vision for their life”, and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be still, listen to ourselves, to dream, to feel and not just to exist! , this week long program gives an opportunity to all graduates participating to introspect and stretch.

BLSR will therefore begin with organisation orientation followed by an intense life skills and leadership workshops to team building challenges, we do this so as to prepare our interns to work environment and provide them with skills to work under and with a diverse group of people.

By managing experiential learning, SAGDA can collect and analyse data from the experiences hat learners and host organisations report. This assists with monitoring and evaluation and the subsequent improvements to be made regarding future programmes. It also helps to support learners in ensuring that they negotiate relevant work that helps them to grow by putting into practice what they learned in their programmes.


An interview is an opportunity for potential employer to know you better, how well you interact with the interviewing panel and how do you describe your work history and education. An interview is an opportunity for you to know about the corporate culture. Are they strait-laced, laid-back, do they seem to like your approach or feel stand-offish? Ideally an interview should be a good tool for both parties, Is it a good fit


SAGDA’s belief is that a year of internship cannot only change the quality of your career choice, but it can change the individual as well. We know that there is more to leadership than skills and knowledge: SAGDA therefore can leave a room for reflection; too. Graduates must ask themselves: What is their personal mission statement? What are their core values? What are their goals for the year? Their answers to these questions will not only influence their time at an internship Programme, but their lives after an internship Programme.


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