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Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

The research and evaluation department oversee the collection of both qualitative and quantitative performance data of graduates and programs and the management of major impact studies evaluating SAGDA. With rigorous and systematic assessment, SAGDA seeks to:

  • •   Alumni Study - Determining the effects and influence that SAGDA has made on our former SAGDA graduates.
  • •   Partnerships Study - Gathering and analyzing in-depth case studies of SAGDA corporate and service partnerships to develop a model for the best practices and strategies for delivering an optimal generation of social engagement.
  • •   Community Study - Measuring the community impact of our most standardized and popular community program to deliberately identify how the program impacts our graduates, motivation, and capacity for civic engagement.
  • •   Training - Data collection, data analysis, researchers, content development, content writers and field workers.
  • •   Impact and relevance of career development - We anticipate the findings of these evidence of impact studies will be available by the end of 2024.