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Community Development

As a primary objective to our service programme, SAGDA hopes to develop young graduates as caring, confident, and successful citizens and to inspire them to lead a lifetime of civic engagement.

Through our graduate led programme, children and youth can learn and deepen their belief that they can be the change they want to see in the world.

The following pillars incorporate core values of the organisation such as professionalism, efficiency, innovation, innovation, integrity, partnerships and accountability.


School partnership and tutoring

Central to our mission and values (to create innovative economic solutions for graduates, employment, self – sustainability and social transformation) SAGDA’s school and after school partnerships seek to enhance learners’ hand-on, civic skills while simultaneously improving behaviour and development and increasing academic performance.

SAGDA Interns serve in schools and after school programs and tutors, mentors, teachers’ aides and coordinators. Our service to schools includes the following:

Standard element: Academic support consisting of one-on one tutoring, teacher assistance and teaching a specific curricula such as social issues , learners civic engagement consisting of helping to create and advise learners to run reading clubs, school service clubs, mediation programs, peer to peer tutoring, parents and community engagement, parents outreach and recruitment of parents and community to serve in schools.

Executive/Management Support (Community based partnerships.)

SAGDA interns will be responsible to support, mentor and guide community-based organisations on the following:

Executive leadership.
  • •   Ensuring that performance management system is in place and being used effectively, specifically this entails:
  • •  Setting organisational strategy (together with the board of directors.)
  • •   Updating the employee handbook and communicating changes.
  • •   Annually, in writing communicate current strategy and plans, reminders and guidance of deadlines to complete employees annual goal setting and review
  • •   Ensuring evaluations of their staff are well written and accurate by reviewing them
  • •   and providing feedback and coaching as appropriate.
  • •   Ensure that their programs speak to their goals and objectives.

  • •   Physical
  • •   Pro-bono Professional Services