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Calling All

SAGDA Alumni

SAGDA Alumni are united by a common commitment to lobbying and advocacy, inclusion, and social change, and they continue to be engaged as volunteers, idealists, and most of all, as leaders.

The alumni program foster a supportive environment that empowers SAGDA alumni to leverage their skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth, creating a community of inspired and engaged leaders by offering by offering several opportunities:

  • •   Networking with fellow alumni,
  • •   Continued leadership development,
  • •   Efforts to build SAGDA,
  • •   Involvement in community through our community-based partnership programme, and
  • •   Career and educational resources.


SAGDA will harness the power of alumni to:

  • 1.   Provide targeted leadership development opportunities, equipping stakeholders with the skills, competencies, and mindset necessary to drive social impact and lead effectively in their respective domains.
  • 2.   Facilitate knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among SAGDA alumni, Advancement Solutions Leadership Academy participants, Allan Gray associates, and financial experts to foster innovation, cross-pollination of ideas, and collective action towards shared goals. Joint Initiatives, Advocacy, and Financial Education: Explore and develop joint initiatives, projects, and advocacy efforts that leverage the collective expertise and resources of all partners. Additionally, provide financial education and investment opportunities through Allan Gray, empowering participants to make informed financial decisions and build wealth for their future., and
  • 3.   Continue to develop, engage, and promote alumni as active members, social entrepreneurs, and builders of SAGDA.

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