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Critical Preparedness Programme

SAGDA CEO, Ms. Elizabeth Montshiwa shares SAGDA's relief response in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. SAGDA and its Graduate members ...
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SAGDA stakeholders

Strategic Implementation Partnership Programme

The objective of SAGDA’s Strategic Implementing Partnership Programme is to form strategic partnership and collaboration with other partners as an ...
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Economic Solidarity Programme

Economic Solidarity For Socio Economic Transformation Programme

SAGDA aims to resuscitate, materialize existing projects, and build relationships with local co-operatives in the surrounding areas to address the ...
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SAGDA Alumni

Alumni Programme

SAGDA Alumni are united by a common commitment to lobbying and advocacy, inclusion, and social change, and they continue to ...
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SAGDA_Community Development

Community Development Programme

As a primary objective to our service program, SAGDA hopes to develop young graduates as caring, confident, and successful citizens ...
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Visitors Programme

SAGDA visitors programme showcase the action of SAGDA and engages visitors in the Ideas and programme on which we are ...
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SAGDA Training

Training & Development / Recruitment & Placement Programme

The programme aims to develop, mentor, capacitate, produce sustainable and economically active graduates. INTERNSHIP/WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING (WIL) The programme in ...
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SAGDA Research

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Programme

Objective: The research and evaluation department oversee the collection of both qualitative and quantitative performance data of graduates and programs ...
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Innovation Through Exponential Technology Programme

Objective: This programme aims to enhance the users’ availability of technical resources (laptops, desktops, software’s, printers, internet connection, telephone systems) ...
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