Economic Solidarity Programme

Economic Solidarity For Socio Economic Transformation Programme


SAGDA aims to resuscitate, materialize existing projects, and build relationships with local co-operatives in the surrounding areas to address the issue of unemployment in both urban and rural areas and assist help the youth to benefit from the projects.

In so doing, we bring out the core roots and history of various rural areas while addressing the unemployment rate in villages by providing tangible solutions through SAGDA’s model, which is exponential impact, collaboration, eco-systems, massive transformative purpose & economic solidarity, and through SAGDA’s multi-sided platform that connects the graduates, employers and stakeholders.

SAGDA collaborates with various Tribal Councils and co-operates in the following areas:

  • Provision of Farming Land for implementation of Agricultural Projects
  • Resource mobilization and proposal writing
  • Promote subsistence Organic Farming in communities to increase food security
  • Implementing functional and technical skills for graduates and the community in Farming and related industries
  • Implement Enterprises Development training
  • Expose graduates and the community to opportunities through the agricultural value chain
  • Implementing mentorship programmes
  • Establishing SMME’s /Cooperatives
  • Conducting regular economic evaluation
  • Promote information dissemination for SMME’s /Cooperatives


SAGDA in Action:






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