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South African Graduates Development Association



The Need

Unemployment among graduates in South Africa is far worse now than it was a decade ago. Stats SA's recent publication of unemployment statistics for Q1 2023 reported that the country's official unemployment rate grew to 32.9% from 32.7% in Q4 2022

Youth form a large proportion of the South African population which presents a significant opportunity in promoting the recovery, growth, and advancement of the economy. Moreover, youth graduates present an ever ready to be tapped skilled workforce. While experience is frequently cited as an inhibition to employing youth graduates, it’s huddled that can easily be addressed by employers opening doors for internships, practical training, and on-the-job training. Factors such as poverty and discrimination, among others pose a huge risk in South Africa’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery. Therefore, it is critical to address the youth graduate unemployment challenge as it cuts across among the critical policy issues that the nation requires to address including peace and political and economic stability.

You are making a difference.

Your Donation can assist Unemployed Graduates get opportunity to contributionuine Business setting, Develop their sense and awareness of workplace culture, Enhance their soft skills and advance their theoretical knowledge, your Gift can also help them manage their future career aspirations and decisions and boost their employment prospects, through your contribution they will be able to build a flourishing network of contacts and increase their awareness of global challenges and industry issues.


Is this Donation Tax Deductible?

SAGDA is registered as a public benefit organization with SARS Tax Exemption Unit (PBO Number: 93015746). Once donation is made, SAGDA will issue a receipt for your tax deduction.

Can I donate by cheque, stock, ACH, EFT, or wire?

Yes, Cheques should be deposited to south African Graduates Development Association. To donate by stock, wire, ACH, or EFT, please email