Our Brand

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Effective and successful social change organisations need strong brand just like for profit corporations. The Gold arches of McDonald are recognizable around the world. Just as is NBA. SAGDA shall work extremely hard to establish and maintain the SAGDA brand because it is a powerful tool to leverage our ideas and ideals to the community at large.

SAGDA logo and our corporate geared staff, yellow shirted interns are recognized in the communities and corporate partnerships we serve, as a symbol of “Hope and Vuka Uzenzele.”

Our brand is represented through the work we do, our interns, members, our staff, our website, the collateral/material we produce, and our behavior to others. The quality of those relationships- therefore the quality our brand is determined by the promises we make and promises we keep. Whenever someone comes to contact with SAGDA, we have a to build a relationship built on trust, built on what say we are going to do and built on consistency over time.

Our Logo


The SAGDA logo symbolizes our model (exponential impact, collaborations, eco-systems, massive transformation purpose & economic solidarity) through multi–sided platform that connects the graduate, employers, and stakeholders. The graduate takes center stage, as we are the industry leaders in alleviating graduate unemployment through the creation of vast opportunities for work. The star symbolizes two elements. Firstly, the SAGDA graduate qualities:

  • A cut above the rest
  • Good professional communication skills
  • Employable
  • Well informed
  • Excellent academic record
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Adaptable
  • Innovative

Secondly, it represents SAGDA’s premium brand and professionalism.

The three figures are symbolic of our platform and cultural movement made up of our graduates, employers, funders, partners and SAGDA alumni.

Our core values are aligned to our corporate colors and represent:

  • Red represents our boldness, power, strength, and energy
  • Yellow represents intellect and optimism
  • Blue represents our trusted, reliable, and professional brand as it is the most universally preferred color.
  • White represents the reflection of the African continent as a source of light, knowledge, and success defeating the stereotype whereby an African continent is seen as only consumers, we believe that Africa has so much resources to give, capital knowledge as well resources that we can provide to the World.

Our Nations at Work tagline is a brand promise to our trusted network.