Who We Are

Since its inception in 1997, the South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) has been the brainchild of graduate’s development through work integrated learning, internships and graduate’s placement. It has been at the forefront of seeking solutions to the challenges of unemployment, under-employment and economic empowerment of graduates in South Africa.

For the past two decades, we have implemented, collaborated and linked our mandate to the National priorities and the government’s National Skills Development Strategies and broader development partners which has led to the emergent of a new cohort of graduates. As a nation, we have and still are focusing on the challenge of graduates’ unemployment, un-employability, skill development, and skills mismatch in an effort close the disjuncture between labor market needs, equality, relevant knowledge skills, and competencies produced by the education institution.

The new cohorts of unemployed graduates have undergone internship and work integrated learning programmes to acquire skills and experience required to enter the labor market. These are now the employable graduates that require a different approach and model responsive to their needs. It is against this background that the year 2018/19 marked SAGDA’s transition that will give priority to economic integration and social transformation through graduates’ development. By this we mean: Taking bold strides as the authentic champion of graduates to reduce unemployment and create work opportunities through an aspirant culture, and community that makes the most of technology and innovation. SAGDA aims to become an exponential organization by harnessing the technologies, business models and platforms that are brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The SAGDA Exponential Impact Platform seek to achieve the following:

  • Reduce graduate unemployment
  • Build a community of graduates and SAGDA alumni (who have completed internships); and
  • Generate a culture of achievement and mutual support

The emphasis is on strengthening partnerships with employers to locate opportunities for graduates’ skills development, work-integrated learning and workplace exposure as they seek permanent employment opportunities or alternative ways of earning sustainable livelihoods and aligning itself with national priorities and relevant regulatory and legislative frameworks. As a result, we have established the SADGA Investment Pty as a delivery vehicle for SAGDA NPOs Strategic project for sustainability, exponential and economic growth.

Our Mission

To create innovative economic solutions for graduates’ employment, self-sustainability and social transformation through technology.

Our Vision

Champions of innovative opportunities to harvest quality and industrious graduates for a prosperous society.

Massive Transformation Purpose

Nations At Work


Providing meaningful support for graduates and the unemployed to succeed in the workplace according to their own aspirations

  • Providing opportunities for the SAGDA staff, clients, members and the organisation itself to develop to full, purpose-aligned potential
  • To promote moral regeneration through ethical behavior
  • To promote indigenous knowledge through African consciousness
  • To act as an agent of social and economic change through research-based, targeted lobbying
  • Becoming a self-sustaining organisation, independent of donor funding through selling our high-value products and services


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